Onsite Brewing Company started as an ingenious or crazy idea of a couple climbers. We were a motley crew of a husband, wife and a dog named Chai. We opened as one of the smallest breweries in Alaska in January 2020. Since then the demand for our beer outgrew our small 1bbl system. We couldn’t keep up!

In spite of the pandemic, ensuing supply chain issues, ever increasing costs, global unrest and ingredient shortages, in August 2023, we completed a 15bbl expansion and are now able to open more hours and start distributing beer to local establishments!

To be a great mountaineer/climber you need to have endurance, tenacity, strength of character, and the ability to adapt and overcome anything the world throws your way. This spirit is core to Onsite Brewing Company’s values.

Our approach is to craft modern beers that are high quality, approachable, and BELAY THE THIRST of the current market. We strive to ensure that every batch is held to our high standards. This attention to detail results in delicious brews.

We are a community-focused, neighborhood brewery. The Taproom is a friendly, unassuming gathering space, to enjoy a beer while you plan your next adventure or celebrate your latest one. At Onsite, we are passionate about the outdoors, new adventures and good beer.

Our location near the Alaska Rock Gym, REI and Moose’s tooth is the perfect space for our climbing/adventure-inspired brewery.


AMBER (TAPROOM MANAGER/OWNER) is a driven rock climber who bartended through college and loves beer and the craft brewing scene which is what prompted her to get into the brewing industry. In early 2017, she was offered a job that relocated us to Anchorage; this offer was well-timed since we were looking to move back to Alaska! While in Anchorage, Amber worked part-time at Anchorage Brewing Company as a barkeep to create connections in the local beer community; this is in addition to her full-time job. She keeps up her big kid job to support her climbing habit and works full-time running Onsite Brewing.

TOM (BREWER/OWNER) is from England and grew up dreaming of being a mountain guide and leading climbers up the tallest and most remote peaks in the world. After moving to the United States at 18, he was able to make this dream a reality and also became a US citizen. Years of hard work and beer drinking resulted in Tom having a successful professional mountain climbing career, for one of the most prestigious climbing services in the world. He has been leading expeditions and instructing globally for over 12 years now. Highlights include an expedition and summit of Mt Vinson (Antarctica), 22 summits of Mt Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), 13 summits of Aconcagua (Argentina), 7 summits of Denali (Alaska), 2 summits of Mount Fairweather (Alaska), 34+ Rainier summits (Washington), numerous first ascents in Alaska and British Colombia. He has guided and led hundreds of clients from all walks of life including professional climbers, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, television crews, large charity groups, and training members of the U.S Special Forces. He is now creating high-quality adventure-inspired beers at Onsite Brewing Company. 

BERNARD AKA “NERD” My name is Bernard but I respond to “Nerd”. I’m new to the Onsite crew. I run the place. I’ve been told I’m kind of useless but people seem to like me.


“One of the coolest taprooms to visit in Anchorage for great beer and welcoming, chill atmosphere. Def. give Chai the Brewery Dog some love while enjoying their unique, vibrant, and taste-packed pours… For being brand new to the craft scene, Onsite already rivals local greats like Anchorage for quality beer.”

Brooke J